Does your current ERP lock you in processes that are not adapted to your business?

Imposed system workflows does not follow your processes ? Users utilize many workarounds to do their day-to-day tasks ? Difficult to implement or follow company procedures ? Process changes are costly and challenging to put in place ? Important lack of system flexibility ? How would you evaluate the degree of accuracy of your data? Are you ready to bet that every team member follows the company processes and enters in the system all

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Ensure your eCommerce success with these 6 questions!

This week, we are thrilled to introduce you to our guest blogger, k-eCommerce, our strategic partner for eCommerce solutions for Microsoft Dynamcis. With more than 15 years of experience built into their eCommerce solution, k-eCommerce explains why some online stores succeed while others fail. Automating sales orders, expanding market reach, increasing revenues and lowering overhead costs make selling online a clear solution for companies looking to grow or streamline the

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Fresh breath for Microsoft Convergence

The business world as we know it has evolved at a fast pace for the past few years.  Today’s businesses must face important changes in the way they do business as new opportunities as well as new challenges arise. The arrival of Big Data, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Web 2.0 etc. drive companies to adapt, evolve, reinvent themselves in order to get positioned for the future. Microsoft is no exception! Microsoft Convergence

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