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Business Needs When Ms Desmarais first heard about the course from Inmind Technology, she was still hesitating. Even if she is a big fan of FRx, she was simply not sure it was worth two days outside of the office. Her primary concern was that she would be wasting her time with beginners. But Inmind Technologies convinced her to attend because of her ongoing questions with regard to FRx since…

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Business Needs Sanimax’s needs were clear from the start: Better multilingual document management and optimization of their internal procedures. Although they already used the SharePoint solution to centralize a good number of documents, they suspected that the tool had much more to offer. SharePoint could certainly allow them to be even more efficient and productive. As a result, Sanimax called on Inmind Technologies, a company recognized in the industry for…

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Solutions Right from the start, the Ordre des comptables agréés du Québec appreciated the exceptional usability of Microsoft DynamicsTM GP. The ease with which financial data could be extracted made it possible to automate the data integrity controls when transferring revenue data between the Ordre’s operational systems and Microsoft Dynamics GP. What’s more, for the Ordre, it’s a major advantage that the two systems use Microsoft SQL Server technology. It…

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Gaz Metro

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Business Needs As a newly independent company from Gaz Metro, Gaz Metro Plus needed to deploy a solution that will not only enable them to manage their financial activities but also provide them with a range of products and services such as the installation, maintenance and support of their air and water heating equipment. This, by itself, represented a significant challenge due to the fact that, at that time, Gaz…

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Investissement Québec

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Business Needs IQ had reached the limits of its current system, which no longer met its evolving needs. For one, the application was now outdated, and it also lacked future support. IQ had a choice: migrate its current application to a more recent version or implement a new solution that would bring added value to its users. Solutions In its preliminary analysis, IQ had considered nearly 20 different solutions before…

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Business Needs In the past, GUS had been able to adapt its homegrown system to meet its evolving needs, but it eventually hit a roadblock. With more franchisees and a growing array of services, the increased demand meant that some of these tasks could no longer be performed manually. GUS therefore decided to hire an external consultant to start the selection process for a new CRM solution. Solutions The main…

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