Business Needs

When Ms Desmarais first heard about the course from Inmind Technology, she was still hesitating. Even if she is a big fan of FRx, she was simply not sure it was worth two days outside of the office. Her primary concern was that she would be wasting her time with beginners. But Inmind Technologies convinced her to attend because of her ongoing questions with regard to FRx since her parent company modified the company’s financial statements.


She arrived at the course well prepared and with a long list of questions and obtained answers for each and every one of them! Also, prior to attending the course, Ms. Desmarais was the only FRx user in her company. She was concerned about unintentional changes and user errors, but after completing the course, she realized she could very well delegate some tasks that require running FRx without allowing modifications to reports. It definitely saves her time. While Ms Desmarais was clearly more advanced than the other participants, she was never bored with elementary concepts. She found that the course was actually a great way to meet and learn with her peers, especially when some have the same challenges to overcome.


  • Improved financial statements
  • Time gain
  • Networking with peers