What is digital transformation ?

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A trend and a strategy

Digital transformation is about using digital technologies to optimize your company’s processes, and make them more effective or efficient. The idea is to use technology not only to replicate an existing service in a digital form, but more importantly to improve that service.

Digital transformation can involve many different technologies, such as business software: ERP or CRM, but the most trending topics right now are the cloud, IoT or even artificial intelligence.

However, digital transformation is not only the adoption of new digital tools in the company. More than adaptation, it is actually about transforming oneself fundamentally, strategically, and over the long term. Changing business processes and corporate culture is equally critical to the success of these initiatives.

Initially, the digital transformation and its necessity often come from a strategic thinking in the company around 3 main elements:

The search for operational efficiency, the quality approach, and of course cost reduction.

Today, cloud technology, which has become unavoidable, as well as the security it can provide, crystallizes these IT transformation projects and often serves as a trigger. Also according to a recent study – eRecovery, digital transformation appears to be an important lever to gain resilience in the strategies of companies to face recent crises such as the pandemic for example.

Why is digital transformation important for your company?

Today, the race to be competitive is embedded in the strategy of all companies. To stay competitive in an ever-changing marketplace, a company must be able to adapt quickly, including adopting new technologies. For example, the majority of companies use digital technologies to provide unique and engaging experiences for their customers and prospects; companies that don’t do this are doomed to disappear.

There is also a significant impact on business processes. Indeed, some technologies help automate mundane tasks and improve business operations. Employees have time to focus on the important things and naturally increase their productivity.

The benefits and challenges of digital transformation

The company must be prepared for its digital transformation, both financially and in its willingness to evolve.

Indeed, change in a company is always delicate and sometimes difficult to maneuver with the various stakeholders such as employees or customers. A good change management will be necessary for the success of the digital transformation project. The clear expression of the strategy and the expected results will be the first vital steps in order to hope to involve the stakeholders – especially the employees – in this project.

Once the various obstacles and fears related to the project have been addressed and the project has been successfully completed, many benefits will result from the digital transformation.

The first and foremost benefit of such a transformation project is: operational efficiency and business growth. Digital transformation projects are often heavy for a company and therefore must be synonymous with efficiency and improvement. Thus, the most sought-after benefits are cost reduction, operational reliability and greater risk control. The company’s operations, the quality of services and the speed of execution will be greatly improved and will be the pillars of the company’s growth.

Secondly, we see the development of Business Intelligence and a more strategic management of the company: when you go digital, you have access to data related to your operations across all your departments. By tracking and analyzing this data, companies can optimize their strategies. You have easy access to relevant data that you can use to make better business decisions and identify new opportunities.

Finally, the business will gain agility and flexibility: choosing the right tool is crucial to integrate it properly so that your business operations are not disrupted by the transition. When it is done efficiently, you will be able to respond to market and customer needs quickly. The customer experience and relationship will be enhanced as a result.

In the longer term, it is innovation that will be the best indicator of a successful digital transformation. Innovation is essential and the lifeblood of today’s market, especially to stay competitive. However, it is not enough to choose the right technology or to optimize your company’s processes to achieve this, but innovation must be at the heart of your digital transformation project and must be carried by the whole company.

Inmind supports you in your digital transformation projects. Our many years of experience and our innovative solutions make us the ideal partner to transform your technological challenges into business opportunities.

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