Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 is here!

This is it. You’ve been waiting for it and it is now here : Microsoft Dynamics GP newest version is now available!

The 2018 version of Microsoft Dynamics GP primarily focuses on product feature enhancement requested by the users. In the last few months, current Microsoft Dynamics GP users have communicated through the Customer Source Connect site, numerous suggestions to improve or add to the existing functionalities. Although Dynamics GP is quite a mature product that already offers all the major components and features one would expect and want from an integrated management solution, the day-to-day needs of its customer base never cease to evolve, thus the system put in place by Microsoft to capture these demands to thereafter integrate them into a future version.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018, you can expect to find your well known complete range of features that already enable you to go about your daily operations, as well as a series of improvements and an overall enhanced user experience.


What are the main improvement areas?

User Experience

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 provides simplier and faster ways to search, find and retrieve the data you need. You will discover additional sorting options that support a faster access to your information. Some of the new features also offer these same advantages for searches on the web client.

Document Annexation

Known as « Comprenhensive Doc Attach », it is now possible to add, access and modify annexed documents directly from your Master Records, Inquiry windows or Transaction Entry windows.

Financial Services Features

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 enables you to do much more with much more effciency! You can now print and send your statements by email directly from your customer cards. The purchase order generator opens a detailed list of all the orders with filter options. The vendors settings options have also been enhanced with a series of new features that include the possibility to create a check by invoice.


Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 continues to extend its workflow management capacities through new workflows for the General Ledger accounts and Purchase Reception transactions (Purchase Order Invoices). You will also find other additional workflows that pertains to automatic sending of email reminders, the possibility to retrieve workflow reports such as reports on the administration of, and the creation of new workflows hrough a new « Copy Workflow Steps » option.

Bank Reconciliation

There are wew additional sorting options at the bank reconciliation level to discover. Notably, a very nice new set of features that provide a faster and easier way to reconcile your transactions.

Data Optimization

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 offers optimized paging and filtering options in OData. OData V4 options have been optimized with the availability of predefined GP content for Power BI (Microsoft Dynamics GP Power BI Content Pack).

Power BI

With the Power BI Content Pack, you will have access to a series of predefined reports for the financial, sales, purchasing and inventory modules. Each report has been predefined with relationships with the Dynamics GP tables. It offers various filters that enable you to only view the information that is important to you. It also provides colomns with calculation options that can be displayed in your Power BI reports.

So here you have it. A quick overview of Microsoft Dynamics GP newest version. Of course, this list of features is not exhaustive. It should however convince you of the importance of this new release. We will be presenting the new features in depth in the course of our upcoming « Journée Expérience 2018 ». Stay tune for future announcements on this not to miss event.

Until then, for more information on our « Journée Expérience 2018 » or to obtain a personalized Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 migration process review session with one of our experts, contact us at or by telephone at +1 (514) 871-0470 | +1 (888) 213-5111

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