Our HoloLens 2 offer integrated with Dynamics 365

Gain in competitiveness with mixed reality and help your teams go further in
their missions to continue developing your business.

Integrated into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem, the HoloLens 2 is a revolutionary mixed reality device that combines the power of holographic technology with hands-free operation, delivering a truly immersive and interactive experience. Designed to revolutionize a variety of sectors, the HoloLens 2 offers advanced capabilities that redefine the way we perceive and interact with digital information in the real world.

Combining cutting-edge features such as hands-free operation, immersive holographic images and spatial audio with a comfortable design and adjustable fit, the HoloLens 2 redefines the boundaries of mixed reality technology. This powerful device enables individuals and organizations across all industries to embrace the future of computing and achieve new levels of productivity, collaboration and innovation.

Our Mixed Reality Packages

Hololens 2 Package

HoloLens 2 Device

Set-up & configuration


Time bank for support

Sharing documents

6-month trial option available

D365 Remote Assist Package

Remote Assist set-up & configuration

Remote Assist training

Time Bank for Support

D365 Guides Package

D365 Guides set-up & configuration

Report Configuration

D365 Guides training

Assistance in creating your first Guide

Time Bank for Support

What is Mixed Reality?

Mixed reality merges the real and virtual worlds to open up new dimensions for business development.

Imagine this innovation at the heart of your business. Mixed reality facilitates collaboration and communication, transforms training courses into captivating experiences and accelerates skills acquisition.


From design to maintenance, mixed reality optimizes processes, reducing downtime and propelling operational efficiency. By embracing this innovative technology, your company is on a path of growth, at the cutting edge of innovation.

L'intégration avec Microsoft Dynamics 365

Recognised as a Microsoft Solutions Partner : Business Applications and Small and Medium Enterprise Management specialists, our ERP experts work within any organisation to integrate Microsoft Dynamics, the ERP solutions offered by Microsoft. For our teams, this means always keeping up with the best standards in the market, validating the relevance of the investments we make and our commitment to Dynamics 365 and Power Platform business management solutions.

Dynamics 365 GUIDES

Dynamics 365 Guides revolutionizes training and guidance.

Create interactive step-by-step instructions for immersive, captivating training experiences. Access guides via HoloLens for hands-on, intuitive learning.

Seamless integration with the Dynamics 365 ecosystem delivering enhanced training results.

Transform your training programs with Dynamics 365 Guides and boost efficiency, productivity and knowledge retention.

Dynamics 365 REMOTE ASSIST

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist revolutionizes remote collaboration and resolution.

With immersive real-time communication via HoloLens, this essential tool offers effective remote assistance and troubleshooting. Experts can see problems as if they were on site. The result? Fewer costly visits, less wasted time and faster resolution.

Capture, share and create a valuable repository of images, videos and files, to transfer knowledge and facilitate future referrals.

Integrated with Dynamics 365, Remote Assist is a complete, high-performance solution for remote collaboration and assistance.

Dynamics 365 BC

Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC)

Streamline your processes, make smarter decisions, and accelerate your growth with Dynamics 365 Business Central, a simple and agile complete business management solution designed for small and medium businesses.

Dynamics 365 Finance (AX)

Dynamics 365 Finance (AX)

Automate and modernize your operations with Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain. Monitor your performance in real time, predict your results, and make data-driven decisions to drive agility and drive business growth.

Dynamics 365 Chaîne d’approvisionnement (AX)

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management (AX)

Designed for the medium to large business, this solution will allow you to create a connected and resilient supply chain to ensure continuity of service while reducing costs.

Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP

Gain control over your finances, inventory, and operations with Dynamics GP, a business management solution that goes far beyond simple accounting software for small and medium businesses. Get started quickly with a flexible, configurable solution designed to grow with you.

All industries can benefit from Hololens 2
and Mixed Reality Solutions


Operational efficiency

Fast, immersive training

Remote collaboration


Real-time Datas

Stock Management

Remote training


3D design

Real-time project tracking

Improved safety


Assisted interventions

Immersive training

Telemedicine and collaboration

Our mixed reality experts can help you

Do you have a mixed reality project you’d like to bring to fruition? We’re here to help!

With our expertise in mixed reality and our full range of innovative solutions such as Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, Dynamics 365 Guides and HoloLens 2, we’re ready to bring your vision to life.

Whatever your sector, our qualified team will be able to advise you and propose tailor-made solutions.

Contact us today to discuss your mixed reality projects and find out how we can transform your vision into an immersive reality. Together, we can create unique experiences and take your business to new horizons.



Dynamics 365 Sales is an adaptive selling solution that helps your sales team navigate the realities of modern selling. At the center of the solution is an adaptive, intelligent system—prebuilt and ready to go—that actively monitors myriad signals and distills them into actionable insights.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Support customers anytime, anywhere with Dynamics 365 Customer Service. Empower your teams with insights into customer satisfaction–boosting analytics and AI-powered features to spend less time searching and more time engaging.

Field Service

Field Service

Deliver exceptional customer experiences using Dynamics 365 Field Service to dispatch the right resource to the right place at the right time—with all the tools to succeed the first time.

Project Operations

Project Management

Unit4 PSA Suite offers a full end-to-end solution for Professional Services Organizations or service divisions in other sectors. It is built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, and pre-tailored for a range of industries, supporting customers to deliver superior project management and services to their clients.



Build more rewarding business relationships when you improve customer communications and create seamless customer journeys to nurture leads and empower sales teams with Dynamics 365 Marketing.

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