About Inmind Technologies Inc

Our mission :

Developing and offering intelligent solutions to help businesses fullfill their true potential.

Inmind Technologies offers intelligence and analytics business solutions. These solutions transform your data, both operational and emanating from the Big Data, into real-time, concretely exploitable information, enabling you to better reach your business goals.

Inmind Technologies is at the crossroad of intelligence and innovation. Endless off-the-beaten-track possibilities based on proven methods. A clear direction taken by a society driven by the spirit of entrepreneurism, collaboration and scalable technological solutions, with the support of a mature and experienced high-performing team.

Our values


Human values are the very foundation of Inmind and at the center of all our projects: listening, respect, integrity and reliability. Caring for our team, developing truthful relationships , as well as fostering a culture of proactiveness and knowledge transfer are the roots of our strength.


At Inmind, there is no halfway! We strive to do better and innovate. Whether it is within a given team project, the fulfillment of a customer mandate or in the accomplishment of personal goals or passions, our objective is always to pursue continuous improvement and strive for excellence. 

Cooperation, enthusiasm and ambition are three character traits that enable us to be strategic leaders to our customers !


Whatever your corporate goals are, we are committed to find the solution that can truly respond to your needs and upcoming challenges! Thinking outside the box is our trademark ! 

Our multidisciplinary team combine strategic approach and innovation to guide you toward the fulfilment of your vision.


Our professionalism and efficiency are not only present in the services we offer, but also in the development of your projects. 80% of our team members are certified experts in the technologies of their field. 

We work in synergy with you so you can fully benefit from the full potential of Inmind’s ecosystem. We are a true extension of your team !