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Why Bridgepoint Online

Accelerate your integrations with Bridgepoint Online, the third-party middleware specifically designed to facilitate the development of integrations between different business systems and data sources. Bridgepoint Online’s flexibility enables you to create simple or complex integrations to meet the specific needs of your business.

Bridgepoint Online, with its proven track record since the 2000s as an OnPrem version, offers a comprehensive and robust solution for your integration needs. The online version, made available in 2020, gives you convenient and flexible access to all Bridgepoint functionality. With more than 800 integrations developed to date and several “ready to market” applications, Bridgepoint is a key player in the field of integration solutions.

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How Bridgepoint Online works

Bridgepoint Online is built on the powerful Azure Integration Services platform, providing a solid and secure foundation for your integrations. Integrations are developed in industry-standard languages such as C#/.NET and SQL Server, so you benefit from the robustness and reliability of these technologies.

A key feature of Bridgepoint Online is its modular design. You have a comprehensive toolkit with an extensive library of utilities, enabling you to develop and customise your integrations quickly and efficiently. What’s more, your company’s own business logic code is easily identifiable and reusable through its own solution.


Bridgepoint Online offers a full range of features to simplify and enhance your integrations:

Three native application layers:

  • A rich user interface
  • A layer of micro-services
  • A data layer

An ever-growing list of ready-to-use connectors, enabling you to easily integrate systems such as Business Central, Dynamics 365 (DataVerse), Dynamics GP, SharePoint, Coupa and many others.

  • Granular security management to protect your sensitive data.
  • Standardised APIs (OpenAPI) for easy integration with other systems.
  • The ability to modulate system performance according to your needs, enabling you to maintain optimum performance at all times.
  • The ability toquickly adjust configurations and transformations without having to redeploy, giving you maximum flexibility in your integration processes.

Limitless integrations


Inmind applies industry best practice in terms of security by following the following guidelines:

  • Your data is secure at rest and in transit on the Microsoft Azure infrastructure
  • Our solution uses industry-renowned protocols such as OpenID Connect(OAuth2)
  • Access to the portal uses your Microsoft account in “Single Sign-On” mode, simplifying management


Bridgepoint Online accelerates integration development with multiple connectors, provides a holistic view of the integration workflow, and integrates seamlessly with continuous development (CI/CD) practices.

Contact our team today to find out how Bridgepoint Online can transform your business and simplify your integrations. We’d be delighted to give you a personal demonstration and answer any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Bridgepoint Online facilitate the development of integrations?

Bridgepoint Online offers a toolkit with an extensive library of utilities, a modular design and the flexibility to create simple to complex integrations. What’s more, it enables easy identification and reuse of your company’s own business logic code.

What are the benefits of the three application layers offered by Bridgepoint Online?

These layers include a rich user interface, a microservices layer and a data layer. They offer a complete user experience, increased modularity and efficient data management.

What systems can Bridgepoint Online connect?

Bridgepoint Online supports a diverse list of connectors, including Business Central, Dynamics 365 (DataVerse), Dynamics GP, SharePoint, Coupa, and many others.

Does Bridgepoint Online require advanced technical skills to use?

No, Bridgepoint Online is designed to be user-friendly. However, a basic understanding of industry-standard languages (C#/.NET, SQL Server) may be useful to take full advantage of its functionality.

How can I get a personalised demonstration of Bridgepoint Online for my business?

You can request a personalised demonstration by contacting us using the dedicated form on our website.

Does Bridgepoint Online offer technical support?

Yes, we provide full technical support to help solve problems and answer your questions.

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