Facilitating actionable insights and smarter business decisions.  We’re on a mission to democratize and accelerate analytics by leveraging proprietary and open source technologies.

The services we offer :

Advanced Analytics

Business intelligence requires extremely diverse skills including business analysis, competitive intelligence, data science, infrastructure solutions and knowledge management.

Inmind technologies has more than ten years of solid experience in information technology, especially in connection with the Microsoft ecosystem and the Dynamics 365 offering.  We are comitted to staying on the cutting edge of tomorrow’s technologies and to offering our expertise through service excellence in the field of advanced analytics.  This is our mission.

data intelligence

Data Intelligence

The management of information in all its forms is the challenge and the core competency of our experts.

Whether your data is coming from your ERP, CRM, sales and billing systems, internal communication platforms, web servers, field employees, mobile devices or production tools,  our project teams will extract and analyze the data to its full potential.

We are a Microsoft Gold level partner with proven expertise and we can cover dozens of other systems. We integrate data from open data, open source platforms or other third party systems that are present in operations.


We will assist in extracting data that can be distributed over several decades, several systems or both.  Our experts will propose the best solution and will always respect your budget.



Today’s companies are operating in an increasingly challenging environment for theirs and their customer’s data.

Whether it is to prevent and anticipate breakdowns, or to protect against intrusions and attacks, Inmind Technologies remains on the lookout for the best way to keep your company safe. Our expertise is recognized in the community since we are partners of world-class solutions, and frequently intervene to share our expertise with the experts community in Quebec, Canada and beyond.

In terms of traceability, we are also experienced in new technologies, such as the Blockchain and its use for monitoring operations as well as location certifications.

Our trusted advisor culture is at the center of each relationship with our customers. 

Real-Time Analysis

At Inmind Technologies, we know that having access to decision-making information is often not enough.

When this information needs to constantly reflect the reality of your operations, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second, in real time, Inmind Technologies is there for you.

We have developed a wide range of expertise for this: from tracking your equipment to your field personnel (Geo-Analytics, Mobile Devices and Internet of Things, in particular), your infrastructures and your sales.

The power of this information, which takes the moment-to-moment pulse of all your activities, is fully harnessed when strategically combined, without delay and without silos, to warn and advise you. This is what Inmind’s real-time analytics expertise offers you.

Real Time does not concern you? That’s not a problem, we also offer business intelligence, analytics, including visual analytics products like Microsoft Power BI, D3js, and others.

analyse en temps réel

Artificial Intelligence

Everybody is talking about AI and the great things it can achieve, and you do not want to miss out and have to play catch up later. But besides being interested, you need to determine what it is you want to accomplish, which approach to use, and how it can be integrated into your operations in the most effective, cost-efficient and useful way.

Data Training

The challenge and the success of your strategy in Artificial Intelligence starts very early with your data.
Indeed, even with the most powerful and intelligent approach in this field, without clean and relevant data suitable for training and analysis, failure is inevitable

Inmind Technologies knows the pitfalls to avoid in this area, and its experts in Data Intelligence will be able to assist you successfully and provide your Artificial Intelligence solution the right data, at the right time, with the right level of quality and performance.

Machine Learning

machine learning

Inmind Technologies can assist you with Machine Learning solutions, whether it’s Microsoft Azure, or Advanced Analytics solutions from our partners, which include all of these features.

We will show you how to get the most out of Artificial Intelligence with practical and affordable solutions.

Predictive Analytics

Through its research and development in Artificial Intelligence, Inmind Technologies is at the forefront of AI solutions in Predictive Analytics:
approaches to be used, statistical techniques, neural networks and more.

A particularity of Inmind Technologies offering is that it integrates expertise in hardware acceleration that also applies to Artificial Intelligence. This allows our experts to give you the best possible performance when you need computing power to leverage your data and big data.

analyse prédictive


Our team, like you, experienced the challengesof implementing an analytical solution.

We know that your existing infrastructure is most often crucial to your operations, and that you need to follow its logic and make the most of it when you add new intelligence and analytics tools.

For this reason, we have added new infrastructure expertise to our service offering, which covers most of our customer needs, and allows our analysts to assist you as effectively as possible in your digital transformation:

  • The Integrated Analytical system and AI Mind in a Box

  • High Performance Computing and On-Premise Locations

  • Cloud Architectures (Microsoft Azure, others)

  • Hybrid Architectures (including Fog Computing, Edge Computing)

  • Communication and authentication infrastructures

  • Mobile devices (Android, etc …), Internet of Things, Embedded Systems (Arduino, RPI, Particle, Pozyx, …)

  • Hardware Accelerators (GPU, TPU, Programmable Processors such as Kalray)

  • And more …


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Migrating the monitoring system from Virtual Machines to the Mind-in-a-Box appliance increased our customer response time to up to 20 times faster. Originally designed to be rolled out to 700, we extended it to 7000 with a projection to scale it to more than 8000 employees this year.

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