Totally Nuts & more

Business Needs

Totally Nuts & more was looking for a new Financial and Distribution software that could easily be customized to accommodate their very unique needs as the old system was simply not delivering on its promises.


When Ms. Birenbaum, Controller at Totally Nuts, met with Inmind Technologies, she was convinced she had found both the right software and reselling partner. One of her requirements was to be able to convert the different units of measures used in their trading activity since the company purchases, receives and sells in different units of measures. Now, she can not only convert the different units of measures, but also see these on the screen, contracts and invoices. In addition, Inmind Technologies has developed an Item Inquiry Screen for the president of the company, who uses it to track the origin of an item which has given him the ability to prepare ‘on the spot’ quotes based on very accurate costing information.


The new system works seamlessly and Ms. Birenbaum can now spend her time doing analytical tasks instead of tracking errors. Some tasks that used to take up to 14 hours, such as the merchandise in transit analysis, now takes only 20 minutes. Last but not least, the maintenance and support fees have decreased by approximately 25%.