Telco Stores

Business Needs

Telco Stores (Telco) initially chose Microsoft Dynamics GP because of its level of integration with its POS and retail management software developed by Gemmar System International. Telco had been using Microsoft Dynamics GP since then to better track sales and inventory across multiple retail stores. In the past, Telco had occasionally delayed necessary upgrades, but it rapidly came to the conclusion that the upgrade path is much easier to follow when upgrades are performed on a regular basis. And since Telco was on the Microsoft Business Ready Enhancement Plan, it decided to make full use of the plan’s benefits by upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics GP 8.0 to version 10.0.


Knowing that one of the critical elements for any successful ERP upgrade is planning, Telco naturally turned to its long-standing Microsoft Dynamics partner, Inmind Technologies, to help it with the upgrade process, including the customized integration to its third-party applications.


Mr. Weinstein was happy to report it was indeed a very smooth upgrade, and that users adjusted very well to the new and improved user interface since it is based on the already familiar look and feel of the Microsoft Office System. Users also typically enjoy the new customizable role centers, which provide them the specific information and functionality they need based specifically on their role in the company.