Business Needs

Ropack wanted its clients to be able to access the information they need more easily via a Web portal. While this could have been done with Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0, Ropack came to the conclusion that migrating to the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP would make it easier to implement the Business Portal running Windows SharePoint Services. It was therefore more logical to do things in this order and not the other way around.


Ropack selected Inmind Technologies to perform the upgrade. As an experienced software integrator, Inmind Technologies paid particular attention to the data migration from the third-party applications to ensure that Ropack would be able to meet its deadline to implement the Business Portal.


Ropack achieved its goal. Thanks to the self-service Web portal, Ropack’s clients can access information such as their invoices, account statements and delivery dates, at any time. To clients, it is as if Ropack became an extension of their organization. It is also much more efficient, since clients no longer need to wait for customer service representatives to send them the information they need by email. As a result, customer service representatives have also been able to focus on business areas that have more impact on Ropack’s overall success. What’s more, the new Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 user interface offers new customization tools and a more intuitive navigation, which help users work more efficiently. For example, it is now possible to keep several windows opened on the same screen, making it easier to switch from one to the other.