Business Needs

In the past, GUS had been able to adapt its homegrown system to meet its evolving needs, but it eventually hit a roadblock. With more franchisees and a growing array of services, the increased demand meant that some of these tasks could no longer be performed manually. GUS therefore decided to hire an external consultant to start the selection process for a new CRM solution.


The main challenge was finding a solution that would be customizable while also being flexible enough to adapt to the constant evolution of business processes at GUS. After considering many solutions, including Open Source software, GUS ultimately singled out Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Besides its functionalities, the solution also has familiar interface, making it faster for end users to adapt. It was also the only CRM solution that could easily be integrated to the Mitel 3300 phone system. GUS selected Dynamics CRM for all these reasons.


The most significant customization was definitely the creation of an assignment assistant within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Now, the Damage Response Center can rapidly suggest to insurers the most appropriate vendors, depending on the nature of the damage and its location. The new CRM solution also empowers GUS’s sales representatives to find the information they need. Consequently, they are no longer reliant on the IT department to obtain reports and lists of prospects, which, in turn, enables the IT department to focus on more strategic activities. And this is only the beginning, as end users continue familiarizing themselves with the powerful reporting tools and dashboards Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers, more benefits will surely arise.