Globe Electric Inc.

Business Needs

With manufacturing facilities in Asia and customers across North America, Globe relies heavily on its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to track a range of business-critical activities such as inventory, customer shipments, purchasing and invoicing. In order to satisfy customers and remain competitive, this data must be made available to key executives as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The company’s aging, Unix-based Progress ERP software system, however, was unable to keep pace with the company’s increasingly demanding business goals.

Globe required an agile, scalable and easy-to-use ERP solution that could integrate with its desktop and server-based applications. The solution also needed to be available over the Internet, and be able to generate critical business data in real time in a format that could be easily read by anyone in the company ensuring the company could respond more effectively to market challenges.


After investigating several different ERP packages, Globe decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics GP. By implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP, Globe ensured data was more easily accessible, enabling the company to make faster, better-informed decisions.


Prior to the Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation, it would take Globe weeks to create reports that could be easily read by company executives, tying up valuable IT department resources and delaying the delivery of business-critical data. By taking advantage of the Crystal Reports Professional feature of Microsoft Dynamics GP, Globe was able to build a customized demand forecasting reporting tool, enabling executives to quickly view crucial transactional data – something they can now do in a matter of hours, not days.