Right from the start, the Ordre des comptables agréés du Québec appreciated the exceptional usability of Microsoft DynamicsTM GP. The ease with which financial data could be extracted made it possible to automate the data integrity controls when transferring revenue data between the Ordre’s operational systems and Microsoft Dynamics GP. What’s more, for the Ordre, it’s a major advantage that the two systems use Microsoft SQL Server technology. It makes it easier to run queries, but also enables the Ordre to fully automate its reporting.

The connection to Microsoft also tipped the scales since Microsoft relies on a large community of partners that continually offer new add-ons and a broad range of companion software. Choosing Microsoft Dynamics GP means being well prepared for the future.


Thanks to the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0, the Ordre has been able to replace a number of manual processes such as payroll. But the main difference is that the Ordre can now automate all data integrity controls between the Ordre’s operational system and Dynamics GP since data extraction can be done more easily. As a result of this successful implementation, the Ordre can now start the next phase of the project: implementing Analytical Accounting.