Analytical systems and infrastructure

  • Experiments toward developing a new expertise in the unification of universally recognized high performance open source solutions, with hardware environments offering an optimal performance / cost ratio.
  • Interfacing these open source analytics solutions with the Microsoft Azure cloud ecosystem and Dynamics solutions.
  • Optimization of hardware and software integration performance, as well as communication and data processing.

Traceability in the context of the Internet of Things

Inmind develops, on the basis of innovative technologies such as Blockchain and multi-sensor data from the Internet of Things, innovative traceability approaches, including time information but also, where necessary, localization (Proof of location by example) that are applicable in the customers’ operating practices and solutions offered at Inmind.

Microsoft Product Capacity Extensions

  • Integrating Microsoft Dynamics with third-party information systems.
  • Interconnection with non-standard operational systems in enterprises.
  • Implementing Microsoft on Premise products on the Azure Cloud.
  • Improved and expanded capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics (For example, AX / FO Product Configurator).

New algorithmic proprietary software acceleration solutions

Through high-level partnerships and its research and development in data indexing, including spatial indexing, Inmind Technologies has developed and protected original solutions for accelerating mega-data processing.

Inmind proprietary software

Evolution of BridgePoint connector solution to detach it from Microsoft Dynamics GP and enable it to support the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud architecture (Extension to capabilities in the cloud ecosystem on Microsoft Azure, Retail Pro component management).

Real-time analytic processing of geolocalised massive data

Integration into our Mind in a Box™ system of data processing with geographic semantics, then static or dynamic two-dimensional map data from :

  • Open Data.
  • Operational data.
  • Massive geo-traceability data mainly provided by multi-sensing from mobile and embedded devices (Internet of Things).
  • Real-time analytics processing of geolocation massive data.

Ergonomics of analytical systems

  • Voice interfaces.
  • Physical hardware monitoring interfaces, especially using LED configurations (LED cubes, LED arrays).


We’d like to show our appreciation to our governemental partners for their precious help with our innovation projects and their marketing support :