This week, we are excited to welcome our new blogger, Eric Labelle, Business Analyst and SalesPad Solution SME at Negotium Technologies. With more than 30 years of experience in the distribution and manufacturing industries, Eric explains to us why, in his opinion, SalesPad is the ultimate tool to help you company grow in efficiency, productivity and visibility of your day to day business.

SalesPad in one picture and a few words …

SalesPad is the trusted choice for businesses that desire to effectively develop and/or optimize their business processes. Among other great features, the solution provides streamlined process automation that greatly improves business profitability through a complete visibility at every stage and for every opportunities that arise.

With this said, let us look at SalesPad and see together if the solution is for you!  If two or more of these 7 situations applies to you, it is likely that you could well benefit from the numerous advantages it offers!

1. Browsing is a complicated matter?

Simultaneously processing your orders is quite a day-to-day challenge!  Handling and managing multiple customer calls is practically impossible. As soon as you are navigating through several screens and pop-up windows to find historic information, prices, status of invoicing or any other data relative to the shipping or stock availability, you experience system slowdown or worst, a system crash. In other words, you feel that you are at the limit of what Microsoft Dynamics GP can offer in terms of efficiency and to respond quickly to your customers demand!


2. You lack visibility?

Your managers, sales representatives and marketing staff have little to very poor access to inventory transactions information! The capacity to analyse trends, to monitor your customers individual activities and follow the performance and inventory of your products is compromised throughout your organization. 

Overseeing and managing every stage of distribution, SalesPad Desktop is the ultimate tool for distribution and manufacturing companies. Process orders more accurately and efficiently, while having full visibility into each step of your workflow. Simplify the lives of your customer service and sales reps by putting information at their fingertips with powerful Excel®-style searching.


3. You spend way too much time managing your inventory?

Although you have a good inventory solution in place, it does not enable you to take informed and intuitive purchasing decisions.  You spend a lot of time verifying and correcting the physical position of your storage just to fill your orders.

SalesPad is a complete warehouse management solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Operating on a iOS® or Windows® mobile device equipped with a scanner, users can perform all essential inventory transactions while DataCollection automatically updates Dynamics GP in the background. As a result, orders go out the door correctly, inventory is accurate, and your operations are fully synched.


4. Mobility is an important aspect of your business?

Managing your sales data, information pertaining to your customers and actual inventory is not as efficient as you would like.  You need to stay connected to your system data at all times.

Managing your sales, customer and inventory data while on the go will never be as easy as this! SalesPad Mobile gives Microsoft Dynamics GP and SalesPad Desktop users the power to manage customers, inventory, and sales documents from the convenience of their iPhone®, iPad®, or Android™ mobile device. Whether traveling, on-site, or away from your workspace, SalesPad Mobile enables you to stay connect to your business.


5. Using shipping solutions?

How is that working for you?  Does it offer a smooth and completely integrated process or do you need to manually transcript all of the information a second time in another window?  Following the actual shipping process, the shipping information such as the shipping and freight costs are not automatically entered in the customer sales documents.  In other words, the shipping information is simply not generated automatically through the invoicing process.

With ShipCenter, SalesPad enable you to increase accuracy and efficiency in your shipping operations Monitor and manage sales orders to ship products quickly and reliably. Easy to install and configure, process shipments directly, integrating UPS WorldShip® and FedEx ShipManager® with Microsoft Dynamics GP and/or SalesPad Desktop. After shipping with preferred carrier, shipping information, freight amounts, and tracking information are automatically written to the appropriate fields in the sales documents. Orders are then forwarded in workflow and managed through the invoicing process.


6. You run credit cards transactions?

Are you concerned by the PCI compliance requirements?  How is the integration between your Point of Sales (POS) solution and your cloud based transactions?

SalesPad offers a unified payment solution. PayFabric® is a cloud-based, card-present payment-acceptance platform and storage hub by SalesPad partner Nodus® Technologies, Inc., that is easily integrated with SalesPad Desktop. Designed with an innovative and secure storage algorithm and validated with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS), PayFabric alleviates many major challenges of PCI compliance by integrating points and transaction data into the cloud.


7. You process orders through EDI?

Are you still entering your orders, sales, notices and invoices manually with your commercial partners?

Powered by SPS Commerce®, SalesPad EDI connects to the leading cloud-based network for omnichannel retail operations.  Users can eliminate manual entry of purchase orders, sales, notices, and invoices with trading partners. SalesPad EDI takes the complexity out of electronic data interchanges, and breaks down the barriers of connecting to vendors. SalesPad Desktop’s intuitive, rule-based workflow in conjunction with SalesPad EDI provides a complete control of your sales order and fulfillment processes when selling through your trading network.


Do you recognize your situation through these 7 questions?

If so, SalesPad could well enable you to save up to 30% on the acquisition cost of new Microsoft Dynamics GP licences. With this said, as each enterprise is different, it is necessary to evaluate each situation on its own. Tell us about your project. Communicate with one of our Negotium Technologies representative today!