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Negotium : A New Name to Mark a New Era

Montréal, March 27, 2018 – With the goal of propelling businesses forward by providing them with intelligent business solutions that truly respond to the need and issues of today and tomorrow, Negotium adopts a new visual identity that perfectly reflects that mission. Negotium is therefore becoming Inmind Technologies, with, as a new logo, a chevron that represents the crossing from incertainty to enlighten decision making, for their current and future customers.

The integration of intelligence and analytics tools along with the blockchain technology to its current business solutions offer, contributes to the goal of democratizing the « Big Data » for small, medium and large enterprises.

« Since its creation in 2008, Negotium is steadily expanding.  From a company primarily focussed on professional services for SMEs located in the province of Québec, it has become, thanks to its expertise and driving force in development, an enterprise solution firm that accompanies its customers all over North America, in the transformation of their data in actual profits. » says André Poirier, President of Negotium. « The chevron represents the passage from uncertainties to informed decision making. The massive wealth of available data, both operationnal and emanating from the Big Data in constant evolution, will from now on become a vital competitive advantage. This is what we provide to our customers, the power of their data. We offer analytic solutions that transforms their information into a powerful tool for growth – Guessing is not enough ! »

About Inmind Technologies:

Inmind Technologies offers intelligence and analytic business solutions as well as the blockchain technology. These solutions transform your data, both operationnal and emanating from the Big Data, into real time, concretely exploitable information, enabling you to better reach your business goals. Henceforth, guessing is not enough !

Inmind Technologies is the crossroad between intelligence and innovation. Endless proven possibilities off the beaten tracks, a clear direction taken by a society driven by the spirit of entrepreneurism, collaboration and scalable technological solutions, with the support of a mature, experienced and high performing team.