Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics is an interactive financial reporting application tool used to create, maintain, deploy, and view financial statements.

It provides features that goes beyond the traditional reporting, helping you design a wide variety of reports which are enhanced by the use of interactive notes and instant messaging.

Management Reporter also includes dimension support, which means that account segments or dimensions are immediately available.

In our recent webinar « How Does Better Financial Reporting Sound », we introduced you to this great reporting tool, its components and key concepts.  In the presentation, we:

  • Demonstrated the basics of MR (Building Blocks, Dimension Sets and Categories.)
  • Showed you how to use attributes to bring transaction details into your reports
  • Provided a quick overview of the Management Reporter tools
  • Used sample dimensions to create reports
  • Walked you through the report Wizard
  • Introduced you to the missing account analysis tool

We also highlighted the best Financial Reporting practice tips and tricks. Since this topic generated a lot of curiosity and excitement, we have decided to share them once again with you here.

So here they are, your Top 10 Tricks discussed during the Webinar to make your report creations a snap:

  1. Create a base template that can be re-used to create multiple reports just by “Saving as” a new report
  2. Use the Wizard to create your base report.  It will do the mapping and allow you to format/change the row/column building blocks one the report is created.
  3. Use Report Groups to schedule and generate multiple reports
  4. Organize your folders for easy access to all of your Report Definitions, and other Building Blocks
  5. Use the Find/Replace to make mass changes which is located in the Menu Bar under Edit
  6. Renumber row feature will now update your formulas and is located in the Menu Bar under Edit
  7. Hide columns when working with reports with many columns.  It will minimize the back and forth on the scroll. This feature is located under the Menu Bar in the Format menu.
  8. Use Excel to make format changes by simply using the Copy / Paste functionality within Management Reporter
  9. Use the Missing Account Analysis tool once you have completed your reports.
  10. Use the online HELP!  It is full of information and is quite user friendly.  You can also download a MR User Guide from this location.

You are now ready for a positive reporting experience!

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