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Centreon, Toronto, Sept 20, 2019

Centreon today announced it is partnering with Inmind Technologies. The companies are collaborating across IT infrastructure monitoring to help businesses bring advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) into their organizations.

Centreon, an IT infrastructure monitoring (ITIM) solution provider is reputed for its commitment to making ITIM a business enlightening experience. Through the adoption of Centreon EMS, Inmind Technologies adds to its rich portfolio of solutions that enable seamless IT service, uncovering a fresh stream of data to further drive innovation and results client side. Centreon EMS generates insights from the infrastructure and application layers, contributing to a full, real-time portrait of business health.

“We chose Centreon for IT monitoring because we share the same business-aware culture, and their solution complements Inmind’s technology portfolio perfectly, with a novel, excellence-oriented approach for better infrastructure insights and decision making” explains Jérémie Farret, Vice President, Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Leveraging the full potential of data and developing intelligent solutions through proprietary, disruptive technology is one of the value propositions Inmind brings to businesses looking for sustained growth and innovation. The Montréal, Laval and Sacramento-based company founded in 2008 developed a solid portfolio of solutions and services covering the full spectrum of digital needs—from ground-breaking enterprise solutions to the latest Analytics and Machine Learning features. Inmind Technologies is introducing Mind in a Box™ (, an integrated analytics system that meets the needs of SMEs who are looking to integrate analytics and machine learning quickly, flexibly and at an affordable cost. Mind in a Box™ will support Centreon’s products as part of its global solutions offer.

“In order to thrive during this sharply accelerating innovation period, businesses need to be able to look at their digital infrastructure not as a source of trouble, but as a source of insight. We will be working alongside Inmind Technologies to ensure clients are not held back, but use monitoring to further enhance service through increased intelligence and insights from data at the infrastructure and application levels,” added Romain Le Merlus, co-founder and CEO of Centreon North America.

About Inmind Technologies Inc.

Inmind Technologies offers intelligent technology solutions to support SMEs to reach their full potential. These solutions transform operational data, as well as several other sources of data, into real-time actionable information and deliver insight-driven outcomes at scale to help organizations improve their performance.

Our goal is to shorten the path of data to making precise decisions that will lead our customers to new discoveries.

About Centreon

Centreon is a trusted software provider for enterprise IT monitoring of converging and hybrid infrastructure across a wide range of public and private sectors. Centreon’s flagship solution delivers unified views and streamlined, interoperable monitoring for business-aware IT operations management, eliminating costly downtime and boosting performance analysis. Centreon partners with resellers, enterprise system integrators and SMB service providers, offering on-the-ground technical support and training certification. Founded in 2005, Centreon is a growing reference with head offices in Paris, France, and Toronto, Canada. For more information, visit

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