Dynamics GP 2016 is just around the corner. What are the new features?

Microsoft Dynamics GP team announced the launch of Dynamics GP 2016 for May 1st, 2016.

This new version confirms Microsoft Dynamics GP’s position as a state-of-the-art ERP solution and is anchored in today’s era of affordable technologies in addition to being fully adaptable to Cloud and mobile. Dynamics GP scales to all-size companies’ budgets and needs, from the small shop to the large company, without compromising on the range of features that are expected from an ERP in 2016. It becomes a powerful tool that will manage all your operations and finances.

Here is a glimpse of GP 2016 new features:

HTML Web client

One of this version’s biggest changes is the HTML5 web client. It will replace the Silverlight interface and allow users to use all Dynamics GP features in their favorite HTML5-enabled browser. The new web client is available for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge and is designed to allow mobile access on Windows, Apple and Android devices. The HTML5 web client provides the visual interface, while all features and processes are operated by the server.

Web Client search

To facilitate work via the Web Client and to help you keep organized, the Web Client Search feature is one of the main new characteristics. In web client Search, you will find:

  • A list of all currently opened windows/reports based on your search criteria
  • A list of all available windows and reports based on you search criteria
  • And the possibility to close all opened windows at once.

Budget import Exception Report

During a budget import from an Excel template, an Exception Report will display all ledger accounts that don’t exist in your Dynamics GP instance.

Smartlists export into Excel in “number” format

Current users of Dynamics GP 2015 and older versions already know: Smartlists transfer to Excel imported numbers in “text” format. They will probably be happy to hear about this new feature, as in version 2016, numbers and amounts exported to Excel will be formatted as numbers and no longer as text. (Yeah! J )

Management Reporter accessible in https format

Microsoft GP 2016 will allow Management Reporter deployment in https, allowing users to access reports via a secured web page.

Purchase order pre-payment

Purchase order pre-payment will now be possible and will include taxes, freight and miscellaneous costs.

The total amount of a purchase order can also be included in the pre-payment.

Check payment batch via Credit card

You will be able to choose between check, EFT and now credit card as payment methods for a payment batch. A statement will be printed to show the provider that the invoice(s) has been paid by credit card.

This credit card payment will automatically generate an invoice to be paid in your vendor account associated to the credit card.

All-in-one view of sales transactions

It will now be possible to see, on a single screen, all transactions linked to a client’s sales (Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Payments, Debit or Credit notes) and to filter transactions or drill down in them.

All-in-one view of inventory transactions

You will also be able to see, on a single screen, all transactions related to an inventory item: Quantity In, Quantity Out and Quantity Moved.


Isn’t this exciting?

Moreover, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 will include a number of improvements to the core product, including the possibility for the user to modify notifications and Workflows, to attach documents related to employee expenses in the project accounting module and to configure and assign user rights more easily in analytics accounting.

Stay on the lookout and don’t miss the event that will soon be organized by Negotium to mark the launch of Dynamics GP 2016. We will keep you posted!