General availability of Service Pack 3 for Oceanik 2013 for SharePoint

Oceanik has a new Service Pack available!

What’s new ?

  • New cache engine
  • Telerik components have been replaced

New Cache Engine

From the great feedback our customers provided us, we’ve been able to determine that a important number of them were having issues with SharePoint’s Distributed Cache Service (AppFabric), we decided to replace it with Redis.

This open source cache technology has since then been released on Azure and the version we are using is maintained by a Microsoft branch.

Telerik components replaced

Still thank to our customers’ feedback, we’ve been able to determine that many of our customers had conflicts between versions of Oceanik’s telerik components and the ones they were using for custom developments. Moreover many clients were complaining about the performance of these components when managing a lot of translations. We now use Kendo.UI components.

Service Pack coming out late?

In the latest post we announced a faster release of new versions and we did not meet this engagement.

First reason was related to the caching technology modification. It wasn’t very long to implement but we had to ensure it brought better reliability and better performances. We invited some of our customers to join a Technical Preview group and they tested this early build several weeks in production. We would like to thank these clients.

The other reason was because the products team has been sharing it’s time with new products! Stay tuned for the Preview announcement on this blog!

Next Service Pack?

No other service pack is on the roadmap for now and no big change is planned neither. We will of course keep implementing new small changed.


Redis on Azure

MSOpenTech Redis