General availability of Service Pack 2 for Oceanik 2013 for SharePoint

Oceanik has a new Service Pack available!

What does this mean for Oceanik?

Page translation in real-time!

Large performance improvements to increase the performance of the product.

SharePoint real-time automatic translation

Install Oceanik 2013 on your SharePoint environment and your pages & your content are translated in real-time automatically! If the automatic translation result does not suit you, you can customize entries in the personalized dictionary of translations to apply your own custom translations.

No need to manage the duplicated content in SharePoint (variations), management of multilingualism is streamlined and simplified!

Compatibility with the 2013 SharePoint SP1

Service pack 1 SharePoint 2013 was released recently and we have ensured complete compatibility of Oceanik 2013 and we encourage our clients to perform the update.

Evolution of our roadmap

It is clear that the software industry is accelerating. Major publishers such as Microsoft, Facebook, Yammer, Amazon, etc. publish new versions of their software/services more quickly. Negotium Technologies has also decided to speed up the pace of publication of new versions of its products. Future versions will come out faster and even if it will bring fewer features per version, the latest features will be more quickly available to customers.

The next Service Pack?

The next service pack (3) should arrive mid-May and should include the following features:

Dedicated cluster implementation of cache, to improve the product distributive

User experience improvements

Feel free to comment, and if you have any questions or would like to request an evaluation version to support at

Courtesy of the product team rock stars.