Oceanik 2013 Service Pack 1 for SharePoint general availability


My team and I are really proud to announce that Oceanik 2013 Service Pack 1 is available! (or Oceanik 6.1)

What are the new features brought by this new version?

– SharePoint 2013 Distributed Cache is now integrated for even better performances

New scopes for translations and pages exclusions that can now be defined by: Service Application, Site Collection, Site or Page level.

Automatic content duplication and translation enhanced (it now supports pages)

Now providing support for SharePoint Foundation

– User experience enhancement.

What are the features to come with the next Service Pack 2? (list is not yet fixed, SP2 should be available by the end of March)

– Automatic live translation of pages

– Support of multiple Oceanik service applications within the same farm

– Support of languages not delivered with SharePoint language packs

If you would like to obtain a trial version of Oceanik 2013 don’t hesitate to contact support@oceanik.com

The product team rock stars 😉


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  1. Vincent Biret

    Due to recent announcements by Microsoft regarding the end of SharePoint Foundation, we decided to drop the support of Foundation as of today.

  2. Vincent Biret

    When tweeting this article I got some questions about migration from Oceanik 2010/2007.
    I’ll probably write an article about that during upcoming weeks but here is some quick insight about it.
    Dictionary migration is fully supported from 2010, not supported from 2007 version.
    List items (pages, docs…) language and linking migration fully supported.
    Webparts (filtering, etc) migration fully supported.
    Page exclusions migration not supported (url structure changed for SharePoint and for Oceanik).
    Don’t hesitate to comment if you have any question about the product.

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