Oceanik 2013 general availability

I’m very excited to announce you Oceanik 2013 general availability.

For those who did not get this information, it has been recently broadcasted by press agencies.

This new version of the product has been completely redeveloped. We have been working on it since February 2013 !

RTM version has been shipped by the beginning of September and now begins commercial launch. You can now purchase Oceanik 2013. (And expect us to be more and more attending to SharePoint events)

Oceanik 2013, the fonctionnalities :

  • Translate (replace) automatically words or sentences on SharePoint pages
  • Display/Mask webparts based on user’s language
  • Filter list items/documents based on user’s language
  • Redirect a user on the correct page based on his language
  • Translate documents and content automatically
  • And many other things!

I will soon publish content about Oceanik features.

If you wish to have a trial version of Oceanik 2013 please visit www.oceanik.com

More to come soon!