Translating SharePoint 2013 from beginning to ending – #SPSOttawa feedback and slides

A few days ago (Nov the 23rd ) I had the opportunity to speak at SharePoint Saturday Ottawa. For those who are interested, you can find my presentation “Translating SharePoint 2013 from beginning to ending” below.

The session “Translating SharePoint 2013”

One of the very interesting questions I had during the session was: “since SharePoint uses Microsoft Online Translator, do we have to pay for translations/service?”. As the machine translation service is part of SharePoint Server edition, Microsoft considers you already paid enough and provides this service for free.

One last thing, it was my first session in English. I was attendees understood pretty much everything of what I said that day. So I’m thanking my rock stars English Canadians colleagues to make me practicing every day.

Now about the event itself

It was located in Algonquin’s college which is a great venue for this kind of events. We had good rooms with roadies to check everything for us. Which is great because as a speaker, you always have a little fear that something would not plug/connect/work.

It was the opportunity for me to see folk from Montréal again… And to meet community from Ottawa, lot of interesting persons. I’m particularly thinking about Nicholas Kellett and Noorez Khamis, MVP’s in charge of the event which was very well organized.

Thank you to all the volunteers, the sponsors, the roadies, and to you who came to the event.

I’m looking forward to see you soon at other events, check out !

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